Lab Members


                          Vincent Galy, PhD, Head of the lab.

                           Sara Al Rawi, Pre-Doc Student
Sara largely contributed to the discovery of allophagy in the C. elegans embryo.
She studies the mechanism for the recognition of sperm derived mitochondria.
Her PhD  thesis in 180 sec. (in French) 

                          Jorge Merlet, PhD, Assistant Professor
Jorge has a strong background  on mouse and C.elegans germline
  trained as a geneticist and biochemist 


Former lab Members since 2009:
Charlène Perrois (AI)
Jane Deuve (Post/Doc)
Marion Russeau (AE)
Carine Bernard (AE)
Eve Corot-Morel (PhD student)
Laure Etourneau (M2)
Tran Le (Technician/AE)
Sophie Louvet Vallée (Assistant Prof./Prof.)
Florence Malka (Post-Doc)
Tiago Rodrigues (M1 student)
Yu-Yu Liu (Summer student)
Melanie Begorre (M1student)
Laurene Ramos-Martin (M1 student)
Dina Al Dulaimi (summer Student)
Ellie Balloul (summer student)
Abderazak Djeddi (Post-Doc)


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