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C. elegans Heredity and Development Lab. - UMR7622 - IBPS

University Pierre and Marie Curie - CNRS - Paris- France


Embryonic development starts at fertilization and is a very complex process requiring the coordination in time and space of many cellular functions.

We’re dissecting some of the early steps of embryo development using mostly C. elegans as a paradigm to evaluate how cellular mechanisms contribute to the normal program and what are the factors underlying the radical modifications occurring during the first minutes of embryonic life.

Our goal is :

To understand what are mechanisms required for the transition from oocyte to early embryo. We recently focused on some aspects of oocyte response to fertilization. We discovered that the catalytic pathway known as macro-autophagy is activated in the one-cell stage and is critical to restricts the paternal contribution to DNA and associated centrioles and degrades other spermatozoid components including paternal mitochondria and their genome.  

Our Lab is located in the city center of Paris (France), on the campus of one of the biggest french university. We belong to the Developmental Biology Unit of the Institute of Biology of Paris-Seine (IBPS).

Our Neighbours:

- Wassmann’s lab.

  1. -Antoniewski’s lab.

  2. -Gho’s lab.





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A new collaborator

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April 2014 -

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Allophagie, allophagy,fécondation autophagie, autophagy, fertilization, spermatophagie, spermophagy, maternal transmission, inheritance mitochondria mitochondrie dégradation, mitophagie, mitophagy al rawi